Eco Grant Writing

Beazer’s Garden Workshops brings winning resources to your grant writing endeavors. Leverage our experience and partnerships for your next eco project.

Effective grant writing involves more than filling out an application. It involves detailed project planning and the ability to articulate your idea clearly and concisely.

Kimberly Beazer brings decades of experience in eco grant writing and will provide access to winning resources that help to secure program funding.

  • Organize your program mission to convey your goals with descriptive data-based text
  • Prepare for the many city-wide greening and sustainability grant opportunities available

Payment Options

  • DOE Vendor #BEA223146
  • NYC and State MWBE- FMS Vendor #VC00229957
  • Purchase Order or MTAC RFP solicitation
  • Partner with me on a Grant
  • Venmo/PayPal/Check payments accepted

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