Staff & Volunteer Training: Green Curriculum Professional Development

We believe in building partnerships with all the people in the organizations we work with.
Whether you’re an administrator, educator, a PTA group, or part of the “on-the-ground” staff, we promote team building for community engagement.

Learn best practices in:

  • Engaging community support and volunteer training
  • Education entry points and the many ways we are connected to plants and the planet
  • Engaging your students in community service activities

Learn how to enhance NYS Learning Standards for STEAM, Social Studies, Literacy, Nutrition, Physical Education and Social Emotional Learning goals through environmental science.

Remote and In Person Options

Payment Options

  • DOE Vendor #BEA223146
  • NYC and State MWBE- FMS Vendor #VC00229957
  • Purchase Order or MTAC RFP solicitation
  • Partner with me on a Grant
  • Venmo/PayPal/Check payments accepted

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